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"Chinese Character Canon" Introduction
Chinese characters are often criticized for being overly complex relative to other language system. One reason for the added complexity is the different information content of the characters. Roman letters give relatively precise information on pronunciation, but no information on meaning. In contrast, Chinese characters give less precise (and sometimes no) pronunciation information, but do give information on meaning. How many Chinese characters a native Chinese speaker should learn for daily life? China Education Ministry requires students to master 2,540 Chinese characters after elementary school, 2,905 after junior high school, and 3,755 after 12th grade of high school.

For basic Chinese reading, it requires at least 2,000 characters. No phonics to help, you have to remember and know so many characters. Tough, Isn't it? Should you take 6~12 years to master these 2,500~3,755 characters? "Yes." - This is what most of the Chinese people do. But our answer is "NO"!

With "Chinese Character Canon", it only takes you one or two years to grasp 4,000 characters!

"Chinese Character Canon" is a superior teaching material of learning Chinese characters. It solves the common problem of learning Chinese character by its unique way of writing. The book does not have any characters repeated and rhythms through out the whole book. "Chinese Character Canon" is a poem composed of 4,000 characters which covers 99% of modern Chinese and covers 50 fields of knowledge, like a mini-encyclopedia. After learning this book within a short period of time, learners will be able to master all regular-used Chinese characters while enjoy the rich cultural background and stories behind each sentence. "Chinese Character Canon" now is selected by All-China Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese as the designated Chinese textbook for oversea Chinese.

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