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Ethan: 4 years old, born in US. Currently living in RI, US

Ethan is reading CCC Synchronous Reading Volume One Lesson Nine

Many experts in Early Child Education believe that all babies are genius and their intelligence decrease as they get older. Typically, babies use their right brain to memorize things. In another word, they have photographic memory.

Ethan was born in Rhode Island on 2/23/05. I started teaching Ethan Chinese flash cards following Glenn Domain's method, when he was a little over 2. In some parts, Doman's method is similar to that of Chinese Character Canon (CCC), but it doesn't provide any reading material. You need to create your own cards, your own customized phrases, sentences and then books for your baby to read. I created our own material, but it was too time consuming and I never followed through in creating sentences and books. However, by the time Ethan turned 4 on 2/23/09, he had learned around 700 characters(about 500 characters have been well memorized).

For Ethan, learning Chinese characters is not a problem, but getting him to read is very challenging. I started actively seeking other methods to help him achieve the real reading skills. It was around November 2008, I was introduced to CCC through a friend. I carefully examined CCC methodology, and am convinced that it is the ONE I have been looking for. CCC methodology has incorporated character learning, reading and much more into one integral part of Chinese learning.

Once we made the decision to use CCC, we bought the studying material in December 2008. However, at the same time, we started our 2-month international trip. I printed the texts from Volume 1 and took it with us during the trip. I used spare time to read the texts to Ethan and also try to have him read the text with me when possible. There was no formal study sessions at all, we did not spend much time on it either. Surprisingly by the time we returned to US in middle of February 2009, he had been able to read and recite all texts in Volume 1.

After returning to US, we started using CCC Learning Machine, but then I found out the CCC character cards are crucial to separate individual characters from CCC context. Since we got the CCC characters cards on 3/6/09, Ethan has made tremendous progress over these 2.5 months. Here is the summary of his progress:

  • 3/6-3/30: studied 1-3 level characters in Volume 1 and mastered 80-90% of them; finished the first 6 lesson from Enlightening Reading material; finished Synchronize reading Volume1; recited all texts from Volume 2. Ethan can read 90% articles from synchronize reading independently.

  • 3/31-4/25: studied 1-3 level characters in Volume 2 and mastered 80% of them; started Comprehensive Reading Volume 1, and finished more than half of the articles; recited all texts from Volume 3.

  • 4/26-5/10: studied 1-3 level characters in the first half of Volume 3 and mastered 80% of them; Finished Synchronize Reading Volume 2

    I strongly recommend CCC to any parents who are determined to have their ABC children master Chinese. When you persist, you will succeed!

    Ethan's Mom
    May 20, 2009

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    Hudson: 7 years old. He is currently a first grade student at Fremont Christian School in California.

    Before learning "Chinese Character Canon", Hudson knew less than one hundred characters and was not able to read any children's book on his own. In August 2004, just past his 5 th birthday, we started to teach Hudson "Chinese Character Canon" at home. My husband and I both had full time job at that time and the teaching usually took place after suppers. We taught him three or four times a week, and 16 to 32 characters within a thirty minute session. Upon completion of the first volume of the text (1000 characters), the effectiveness was not very distinct, and Hudson was still unable to read on his own. But after he completed the second volume (2000 characters), he succeeded to the next stage learning "Comprehensive Reading" for independent reading training and the his reading ability started to improve at a leaping pace. As Hudson completed the third volume (3000 characters), we happened to find that Hudson could read adult Bible and he actually finished the first chapter of "Genesis" at a burst. Thereafter, his reading interest was highly motivated. For any articles matching his understanding and interest, the child would read them with great pleasure. Within total 10 months of learning, Hudson completed all of four volumes of "Chinese Character Canon" with a total vocabulary of 4,000 characters and four volumes of "Comprehensive Reading" with more than 300,000 characters. Since then, he has read many Chinese books such as Bible, scientific fictions, novels, ancient poetry and prose, etc.

    (November 16, 2006)

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    Kelly: 5 years old. Born in U.S.A. She is currently enrolled in Eaton Elementary School Kindergarten.

    Prior to learning "Chinese Character Canon", Kelly had learnt about 100 to 200 Chinese characters, and could recite the text of San Zi Jing (Three Character Verses) (the first half) and another 20 to 30 pieces of Tang Poetry except she could not read children's books on her own. Later, she did not continue on learning Chinese due to the fact that her parents were both at work in daytime and there was a younger sister at home to take care of at the time. Not until July 2006, when she was 4 years and 9 month old, Kelly started to learn "Chinese Character Canon" at home. Her parents usually would teach her 3 times a week, 15 to 30 minutes each time. The learning schedule was not rigid, and the amount of learning was determined by her state of mood. The process was interrupted sometimes when her parents were busy with their jobs. The initiative plan in their minds was that it would be fine if the child could complete the first volume with 1,000 characters within 6 months.

    In October 2006, when Kelly celebrated her 5th birthday, after spending 3 months(during which there was a 2-3 weeks' break), she could recite fluently all texts of the 1st volume . She could recite and read any text fluently without any hint given althought her ability to recognize individual character was a bit behind. We then found this child have a great potential in learning. The current process is scheduled to complete the first 2 volumes by the end of 2006 and such goals has been basically achieved. Currently, the only problem remaining is that her reading ability has not been improved considerably yet. (She can only read children's books with Pinyin).

    We did not buy "Synchronous Reading" books until the beginning of this December. We are now using these reading materials to train her reading skills. Once the first 2 volumes of CCC are completed, we'll consider to add "Comprehensive Reading" books for follow-up practice, and that should further improve the child's ability to read and comprehend. "Chinese Character Canon" did provide Kelly the opportunity of learning large amount of characters in a very short period of time.

    (December 6, 2006)

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    Jing Jing:Aged 4, currently living in Qingdao, China

    Jing Jing loved to learn characters when she was very young. Before learning "Chinese Character Canon", she had learnt almost 200 characters but could not read books. In March 2006, the day when she celebrated her birthday, she got a copy of "Chinese Character Canon" from her aunt. She loved it so much and kept asking her mother to teach her. Since then, her mother, after work, would routinely teach her 16 to 32 characters with 15 minutes a day, 6 days a week. The last day of a week was used for review. Jing Jing did not go to the pre-school, during daytime she listened to CCC tapes as children's songs. After one month, she completed the 1st volume of the text, moreover, she could not only recognize 80% of the characters on her own, but also was able to start to read independently the first grader's text book titling "Chinese" for nine-year compulsory education. In the following two months, she completed the 2nd volume of "Chinese Character Canon" and could read fluently all text books of "Chinese" (1st to 6th grade). Jing Jing did not continue on learning the 3rd and 4th volumes of "Chinese Character Canon". She preferred to spend more time on reading. So far, the texts and books Jing Jing has completed reading so far are: The 1st and 2nd volumes of Synchronous Reading (We don't have the 3rd and 4th volumes ), "The Stories of 365 Nights", "The Brothers Grimm: The Complete Fairy Tales", "The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh", "Pinocchio", etc.

    (December 9, 2006)

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    Junior T, 5 years old. Born in U.S.A. Currently, he studies in Ardenwood Elementary School.

    Junior T, when aged 4 and 9 months, he started to learn "Chinese Character Canon" at home. Before this, his parents and grandparents once made efforts to attempt to teach him to recite pieces of Tang Poetry and contents of "Three Character Verses", but he could not remember them except that interest was maintained in learning Chinese characters. Prior to learning the "Chinese Character Canon", he had learnt several hundreds of characters. The characters were taught by his parents word by word, and his parents were quite tired in teaching, and he was bored with it so the learning was quite slow. Moreover, there was not a framework built to help him to memorize. At that time, he could hardly read and had no interest for books in Chinese. Once started on "Chinese Character Canon", his speed of learning characters was improved considerably and the interest of learning Chinese kept growing. In a short period of the past 4 months, he advanced to learn the 4th lesson in the 3rd volume of CCC. It is expected that he may complete all four volumes of "Chinese Character Canon" in 8 months. Basically, he spends 15 minutes each day to study 32 characters and then he reviews what he learned at weekends. In the initial stage, he had no learning machine to assist and depended on parents to help him, or listened to tapes and watched VCD (with parents' help). Once the learning machine was available, he became independent on learning and would ask his parents to test him every day after he taught himself. His ability of memorizing and reciting is currently improved greatly. At the beginning of learning "Chinese Character Canon", he had to read "not so difficult" characters a dozen of times at least to be able to remember, but now, he would just read 5 to 10 times before totally grasp those "difficult" characters and 3 times for the "simple" characters.

    Junior T not only has learnt many characters through learning "Chinese Character Canon", but also has acquired much knowledge as well. Now, he loves to read many readings in Chinese he is given including children's books, newspapers, menu, and math problems. He can even read Bible of adult edition and is able to understand the most contents of the book. He did not get the text of "Synchronous Reading" books until he had completed two volumes to "Chinese Character Canon". Now he is catching up on the reading materials. After completing the 1st and 2nd volumes of "Synchronous Reading", he will go on the stage to learn "Comprehensive Reading". Junior T said that he likes "Chinese Character Canon" very much.

    (December 15, 2006)

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